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Something Microsoft must put in consideration.

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Lumia lineupLumia has over time become synonymous with Windows Phone and visa versa. Other OEMs existence is over shadowed by Microsoft’s close partnership and subsequent purchase of parts of Nokia that has resulted in capturing over 90% of the Windows Phone marketshare. Microsoft can relate the success of Windows Phone to Nokia for their Lumia line of smartphones, and Nokia’s survival was a result of Microsoft’s investment. There has been a large number of small local companies announcing plans to manufacture Windows Phone devices after Microsoft made Windows free for devices with screens under 9 inches.

Microsoft has the opportunity to make hardware that is closly integrated with their software for optimal performance, much like the iPhone. However, they should perhaps put their Lumia lineup on diet, reduce the number of varients since some are so close that it is difficult to distinguish differences between them. This would also bring in many benefits and advantages.


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Why Windows Phone is not gaining marketshare

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WP8.1Windows Phone has been on the market for around 4 years and all it has managed is a measly 3% marketshare. iOS is holding onto the premium market despite reports of a fall in marketshare. Android being a cheaper alternative to iOS and with all possible OEM’s going for Android, it is no wonder that it holds a dominant position with over 80% of the market.

There are many reasons why Windows Phone could be performing badly, namely missing very basic features that are to be expected if Microsoft are to compete, live tiles and the Modern UI not being everyone’s cup of tea, the word ‘Windows’ itself hated by the media, and many complaining about the lack of apps.

One major reason is Microsoft’s inability to express the operating system and it’s uniqueness, the various different features, the excellent hardware. Instead, we get a downbeat commercial that fails to showcase the…

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Apple releases OS X Yosemite Public Beta

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Apple has started sending out OS X Yosemite builds for Beta Program, as announced yesterday. The build is being sent out to a million Beta Program members. Participants can get a redemption code from the site, to redeem in the Mac App Store.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 11.18.16 AM

Apple has said that Apple will not update the Beta Program Yosemite builds as often as the developer seeds (which come out every two weeks, usually), but participants will be able to upgrade to the final public version of Yosemite seamlessly through the App Store, when it is released.  The seed released in the beta program is one build newer than the one released to developers on Monday.

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Apple Store visuals revamped with inspiration from recent TV campaigns

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photosIFO Apple Store reports that Apple is revamping its back-lit in-store photo panels, replacing its signature white-background product shots with visuals inspired by its recent advertising. Out are clean, sterile close-ups of the products, and in are colorful visuals showing what people are doing with the products.

The new graphics were photographed like magazine ads, showing the iPad/iPhone being used in actual situations, complete with their surrounding people and places. Their colors, tone and brightness is much richer and darker than the previous graphics …

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Tim Cook and Apple celebrate #ApplePride in San Francisco today

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Apple is out in full force including CEO Tim Cook for the Pride Parade in San Francisco today. Apple’s CEO hasn’t ever been ambiguous about his support for LGBT issues and he was joined by Apple Environment Director Lisa Jackson and what looks like thousands of other Apple employees on Market St. in San Francisco today.  Update: Reuters reported that:

In an unusual step for the sometimes secretive Apple, the company has spoken out about its support for the Pride festival. To help attendees navigate the packed event, the company set up a dedicated LGBT station on iTunes Radio and featured several apps on its App Store, including the Find My Friends app. Company employees also handed out iTunes gift cards to bystanders.

“Apple believes equality and diversity make us stronger, and we’re proud to support our employees and their friends and families in this weekend’s celebration,” Apple spokeswoman Michaela Wilkinson said.

Employees are…

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Apple’s Campus 2 Project gets 3D flyover rendering

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Sunil Punnoose, CEO of 3D rendering company Technology Integration Services Inc., has published a mock up of the Apple Campus 2 project. The site is currently in the foundation phase as of the last real aerial pictures (below).

The 3D design, model and rendering were done in-house and based on publicly available info.

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Apple Design Award Winning Photo App Storehouse Gets Serious About Discovery And Identity

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Fresh off of it’s Apple Design Award win, photo sharing app Storehouse is launching some new discovery features today. The app has previously relied on a single ‘home’ screen to show you some interesting photo and video stories, but is expanding that out with an explore and story of the day section.

The new explore section can be viewed as a grid or the (familiar to Storehouse users) traditional slideshow format. This is the first time the depths of the hundreds of thousands of stories on the platform already are really being plumbed, and it shows off the cool stuff people are doing with it well. Stories about travel, food, family and social issues sit side-by-side with school reports, recipes and detailed ‘maker’ instructions. The Story of the Day section is a curated version of explore hand picked by Storehouse staff to show off cool content.

The home section…

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