Get started!

Poor thing is, not everyone can access the free contents of iTunes Store, because most of them are only valid on the U.S. iTunes Store. Well, no big deal now. Create your own free U.S. Store account (yea, no matter where you live) within mintutes following these few points.

  1. Download and Open iTunes
  2. Click on the iTunes Store
  3. At the very bottom, select My Store as “United States”
  4. Choose any free app you see on the App Store
  5. Download it by clicking on free
  6. With the pop-up, Start creating your account – Create New Account > Fill in everything asked for > Continue > Check none on payment option > Fill in your Details and click Continue. (if you’re wondering what to fill in for Address, you can fill up any valid PIN (ZIP) Code and Phone No. ex. City: New York, State: NY, Zip: 10012, Phone: 212  226-3127)
  7. Check your email and verify your account, and
  8. Done!

Happy Downloading! xD

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