The Happy Startup School – A better way to build a startup

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Some random observations from working with lots of startups and building my own

  1. Getting started is the hard part
  2. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will
  3. It pays to be kind in business
  4. Don’t chase the paper, chase the dream
  5. Work with people that you like (why else do you want to be your own boss?)
  6. You’ll get further with others than you ever will on your own
  7. Don’t waste time with bullshit (there’s plenty of it)
  8. Positivity is contagious, surround yourself with happy people
  9. Talk less, do more
  10. Be stubborn on vision, but flexible on detail
  11. Making things people want is more fun than making people want things
  12. Don’t chase investors, chase customers
  13. Start with why
  14. Never stop learning
  15. Everyone has a purpose, find yours and build your startup around it
  16. Approach people you admire, they may surprise you
  17. Don’t underestimate the power of good design
  18. It’s all…

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