The edible music player, Poplolly, designed by Tomorrow Lab, is a weirdly cool new way to consume music. The product is still in the developing stage and it’s Kickstarter is soon to be announced on its official website. But this new way of listening to your everyday music, with its super catchy tagline, “Put a party in your mouth”, is soon to catch some attention in the near future.





The edible music player is a cool new way to ‘consume’ music. The device transmits music through a lolly pop into your mouth, allowing you to hear music without speakers or headphones. What is silent outside of your mouth (and to others) then fills your head with high-fidelity music once you put the lolly in your mouth. The experience is truly magical.

Tomorrow Lab lead the prototyping and development of two versions of the device shown below: a small, battery powered device, and a large, wired version. The smaller version uses a 1-Watt surface transducer and connects to your phone over Bluetooth. The larger version uses a 20-Watt surface transducer and is driven by a small amp to give you a vision-blurring experience during songs with heavy bass.

The two versions of device were designed directly for rapid fabrication on a MakerBot.





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