We knew that an Android-based Nokia device was incoming at this morning’s Mobile World Congress, but the Finnish company has surprised us with the announcement of three — the Nokia X, Nokia X+, and the Nokia XL. This trifecta of devices represent the company’s first delve into the world of Android, although as expected, we’ll be getting a ‘forked’ version of Google’s mobile OS, with heavy integration of Microsoft and Nokia’s services instead of Google’s. Full details after the break!

Talk of Nokia developing an Android handset had been prevalent even before Microsoft took steps to purchase the Finnish outfit back in September, but with the Redmond company coming through and acquiring Nokia’s products and services department, many suspected that the Android idea would be dead and buried with it. Apparently not so, and today’s unveiling of the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL – all with dual-SIM support is a testament to that.

Nokia Android Smartphone

Features and Specs:

While the Nokia X and Nokia X+ are lower-end devices with 4-inch display aimed at those all-important emerging markets, the Nokia XL, with its 5-inch display, Here Maps with beautiful 3D mapping capabilities, looks set to appeal to those seeking a slightly more premium Android-Nokia experience. Sure, the XL cannot be classed as a high-end handset, but with a large panel, is certainly the most appealing of this new cluster of devices.

Nokia XL
Nokia XL

In each case, though, the plan is to pull users into Windows Phone ecosystem. Technically, these are Android smartphones, but those purchasing these Nokia X phones will find a familiar tiled user interface, a bunch of Nokia and Microsoft apps, with very little trace of Google. As Stephen Elop suggests, Nokia X will serve as a “gateway to Microsoft,” and with an affordable price point and heavy cloud integration, it will be interesting to see whether this exciting new ecosystem takes off.

Nokia X+
Nokia X+

As for the design of the device, it’s very much in-keeping with the Lumia side of things, boasting a sturdy polycarbonate finish in the usual plethora of vibrant colors.

Nokia X2
Nokia X2

Comparison: Nokia XL vs Nokia X vs Nokia X+

Comparison: Nokia XL vs Nokia X vs Nokia X+

via RedmondPie

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