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The Google Maps team has announced the addition of new underwater Street View images in locations around Mexico with the help of the Catlin Seaview Survey, an organization documenting the world’s declining coral reefs via high-resolution, underwater photography.

Created in September 2012, the 360-degree, panoramic photographs produced by the Catlin Seaview Survey will allow scientists to monitor the health of coral reefs around the world and offer policy makers and the general public a closer look at a critical part of the environment.

The newly added photographs feature locations including Isla Mujeres and Cancun in the southeastern region of Mexico. In Google Maps’ announcement, the team posted photographs of a whale shark swimming near Isla Contoy, north of Cancun, and a sunken car hosting sea life that’s part of an underwater museum in Isla Mujeres.

The new photographs of Mexico’s underwater world join many others around the world as a part of the Street View Oceans section of Google Maps Views. Street View Oceans already showcases coral reefs in Bermuda, the San Francisco shoreline, sea lions playing in the Galapagos sea, turtles swimming in the Great Barrier Reef and many other stunning ocean views.

The 34 Most Beautiful Google Street View Sightings


1. Valley Filled With Clouds

A river runs through this valley in Buttermere, England.

Find it yourself: +54° 30’ 56.92”, -3° 12’ 23.31”

Image: Google via Oessa


2. School of Fish

A school of fish swim near Heron Island in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Find it yourself: 23° 26’ 34.35”, +151° 54’ 23.71”

Image: Google via Oessa


3. Snowy Plain

A snowmobile glides across this white landscape near Kebnekaise, Sweden.

Find it yourself: +67° 56’ 55.00”, +18° 4’ 57.73”

Image: Google via Oessa


4. Snow-Covered Road

A snow-covered road in Tolga, Norway.

Find it yourself: +62° 20’ 3.23”, +11° 14’ 51.75”

Image: Google via Oessa


5. Sunset Over a River

Few views are as surreal as watching the sun set over water, as seen here in Loviste, Croatia.

Find it yourself: +43° 1’ 34.66”, +17° 1’ 56.55”

Image: Google via Oessa


6. Railroad Along a River

Japan’s Torokko Saga train station is set along a stunning river.

Find it yourself: +35° 1’ 7.58”, +135° 40’ 48.16”

Image: Google via Oessa


7. The Ancient Miharu Takizakura

Miharu Takizakura is a 1,000-year-old weeping higan cherry tree in Miharu, Fukushima, Japan. The wooden supports were added by the local community following heavy snow in 2005.

Find it yourself: +37° 24’ 27.89”, +140° 30’ 0.58”

Image: Google via Oessa


8. Pine-Lined Road

This picturesque, tree-lined road is near Poprad, Slovakia.

Find it yourself: +49° 6’ 48.61”, +20° 3’ 39.42”

Image: Google via Oessa


9. Ocean Coast

This ocean view was captured at Buddha Point in Holoholokai Beach Park, on the island of Hawaii.

Find it yourself: +19° 55’ 39.63”, -155° 53’ 19.20”

Image: Google via Oessa


10. Narrow Water Pass

These cliffs were captured on the island of San Cristabal, one of Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands.

Find it yourself: -0° 46′ 43.10″, -89° 31′ 10.44″

Image: Google via Oessa


11. Mossy Creek

Street View lets you explore this verdant creek near Kikuchi, Japan.

Find it yourself: +33° 0’ 3.27”, +130° 57’ 5.57”

Image: Google via Oessa


12. Japanese Macaques

Japanese Macaques bathe in hot springs at Jigokudani Monkey Park in Nakano, Japan.

Find it yourself: +36° 43’ 57.30”, +138° 27’ 43.49”

Image: Google via Oessa


13. Three Boats

These three boats rest on the banks of the Amazon River near Manaus, Brazil.

Find it yourself: -2.97917°, -60.604366°

Image: Google via Oessa


14. Roadside Waterfall

This gushing waterfall is in Seydisfjordur, near Fljotsdalsherao, Iceland.

Find it yourself: +65° 14’ 26.45”, -14° 3’ 18.34”

Image: Google via Oessa


15. Rocky Island

A rocky mass lies off the coast of the Island of Sado, Japan.

Find it yourself: +38° 19’ 51.87”, +138° 29’ 8.45”

Image: Google via Oessa


16. Lake With Mountains

The mountains of Nesheim Camping & Hytter, located north of Bergen, Norway, reflect almost perfectly in the water.

Find it yourself: +61° 4’ 5.88”, +5° 48’ 10.90”

Image: Google via Oessa


17. Inside Gemäldegalerie

You can now visit museums like Berlin’s Gemäldegalerie, with Street View.

Find it yourself: +52° 30’ 31.42”, +13° 21’ 53.61”

Image: Google via Oessa


18. Cottage on a River

This small wood cabin near Tyssedal, Norway has a charming view.

Find it yourself: +60° 8’ 2.25”, +6° 32’ 18.57”

Image: Google via Oessa


19. Hidden Train Pass

The leaves change colors next to the Torokko Saga Station in Kyoto, Japan.

Find it yourself: +35° 1’ 7.67”, +135° 40’ 49.48”

Image: Google via Oessa


20. Baby Calf Running Through a Field

This baby calf was spotted prancing through a field near Mjolby, Sweden.

Find it yourself: +58° 11’ 57.61”, +15° 26’ 2.80”

Image: Google via Oessa


21. Top of a Bridge

Google Street View gives you access to some vistas ordinary people never see, like this look from the top of Japan’s Great Seto Bridge.

Find it yourself: +34° 22’ 58.81”, +133° 49’ 8.54”

Image: Google via Oessa


22. Footprints on a Beach

These dainty footprints were captured on Heron Island, near Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

Find it yourself: -23° 26’ 33.89”, +151° 54’ 23.90”
Image: Google via Oessa


23. Waves Crashing Over Rocks

This spectacular sea view was spotted on Isla Isabela, one of the Galapagos Islands, in Ecuador.

Find it yourself: -0.830222,-91.164393

Image: Google via Oessa


24. Flower Pots

Sometimes you need to look down to spot the most charming Street Views, like these flower pots in Goldap, Poland.

Find it yourself: +54° 18’ 24.84”, +22° 18’ 13.19”

Image: Google via Oessa


25. Driving Across the Water

This view from the Bryant Patton Bridge to St. George Island, Fla. feels like you’re driving over the ocean.

Find it yourself: +29° 41’ 18.69”, -84° 53’ 5.69”

Image: Google via Oessa


26. Dock Over Water

This broken dock was spotted at the Kennedy Town Jockey Club Clinic in
Hong Kong.

Find it yourself: +22° 16’ 48.41”, +114° 7’ 2.36”

Image: Google via Oessa


27. Dirt Road Through Flowered Fields

This scenic dirt road in Jopera, Estonia is lined by trees and flower-filled fields.

Find it yourself: +58° 16’ 13.27”, +27° 26’ 9.55”

Image: Google via Oessa


28. Deer on Water

Two deer walk along Lago di Vernago in Northern Italy, by the Austrian border.

Find it yourself: +46° 44’ 17.74”, +10° 50’ 3.56”

Image: Google via Oessa


29. Cottage at Mountain Foothills

These mountainside cottages were captured near Ogimachi, Japan.

Find it yourself: +36° 15’ 10.94”, +136° 54’ 2.72”

Image: Google via Oessa


30. Coral Reef

Street View isn’t just for streets. This underwater shot shows the Hourglass Reef in Bermuda.

Find it yourself: +32° 20’ 49.41”, -64° 38’ 59.23”

Image: Google via Oessa


31. Bridge With a View

This surreal shot was taken from California Route 1 on Bixby Bridge, south of Monterrey, Calif.

Find it yourself: +36° 22’ 19.60”, -121° 54’ 8.21”

Image: Google via Oessa


32. Chrystal Clear Bay

Blue skies hang overhead in Bahia de Concepcion in Baja Sur, Mexico.

Find it yourself: +26° 37’ 32.56”, -111° 48’ 47.20”

Image: Google via Oessa


33. Boats With Cherry Blossoms

Small boats line a cherry blossom basin next to Hirosaki Castle in Hirosaki, Japan.

Find it yourself: +40° 36’ 28.58”, +140° 27’ 35.32”

Image: Google via Oessa


34. Abandoned Homes

In addition to nature, Street View has captured some unique architectural gems, such as these abandoned buildings on Ha Island in Japan.

Find it yourself: +32° 37’ 39.72”, +129° 44’ 17.73”

Image: Google via Oessa

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