Viber , newly acquired by Rakuten earlier this year , has today released an update to the Windows Phone 8 version of the app to allow for the use of Viber Out.

Viber Out is a relatively recent feature from Viber, a messaging and calling VoIP app, that allows users to call any number, whether it’s a mobile or a landline call, to non-Viber users. The service price varies based on the country you’re calling, but it’s generally a few cents per minute.

The update also includes the ability to send video messages, send multiple photos at once, and support for hand-free bluetooth.

Viber has made a push of late to spread the app to as many platforms and markets as possible, with the launch of Viber for Desktop as well as the new Viber Out option.

This allows Viber to spread the word of the app with it’s own…

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