Dreaming Camera Cafe in South Korea is probably the only coffee shop in the world where photographers can drink their Lattes inside a Rolleiflex.

The two-story cafe is modeled after a Rolleiflex TLR, and unless you knew better, you’d probably think it was shopped into the scene above.

The place was built and opened and now oprates by an ex-helicopter pilot in the air-force, and they have a prolific facebook page and blog (thank you google translate). If you are ever in the neighborhood (East of Seoul), they are open every day from 11:00.

rollei-coffee-02-446x670 rollei-coffee-03-670x448 rollei-coffee-04-670x447 rollei-coffee-05-670x502 rollei-coffee-06-670x446 rollei-coffee-07-670x444 rollei-coffee-10-670x433 rollei-coffee-11-670x433 rollei-coffee-12-670x434 rollicafe rollicafe1 rollicafe2

via DIYPhotography

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