Lumia enormous lineup

Something Microsoft must put in consideration.


Lumia lineupLumia has over time become synonymous with Windows Phone and visa versa. Other OEMs existence is over shadowed by Microsoft’s close partnership and subsequent purchase of parts of Nokia that has resulted in capturing over 90% of the Windows Phone marketshare. Microsoft can relate the success of Windows Phone to Nokia for their Lumia line of smartphones, and Nokia’s survival was a result of Microsoft’s investment. There has been a large number of small local companies announcing plans to manufacture Windows Phone devices after Microsoft made Windows free for devices with screens under 9 inches.

Microsoft has the opportunity to make hardware that is closly integrated with their software for optimal performance, much like the iPhone. However, they should perhaps put their Lumia lineup on diet, reduce the number of varients since some are so close that it is difficult to distinguish differences between them. This would also bring in many benefits and advantages.


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Why Windows Phone is not gaining marketshare


WP8.1Windows Phone has been on the market for around 4 years and all it has managed is a measly 3% marketshare. iOS is holding onto the premium market despite reports of a fall in marketshare. Android being a cheaper alternative to iOS and with all possible OEM’s going for Android, it is no wonder that it holds a dominant position with over 80% of the market.

There are many reasons why Windows Phone could be performing badly, namely missing very basic features that are to be expected if Microsoft are to compete, live tiles and the Modern UI not being everyone’s cup of tea, the word ‘Windows’ itself hated by the media, and many complaining about the lack of apps.

One major reason is Microsoft’s inability to express the operating system and it’s uniqueness, the various different features, the excellent hardware. Instead, we get a downbeat commercial that fails to showcase the…

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